Mentor is a character from Greek mythology, son of Alcime and trusted friend of Odysseus. He was charged by him with the education of his son Telemachus during his absence during the Trojan War and with the management of his domain. Ulysses recognizes in him a great wisdom, which makes him a good tutor and a wise adviser.



Today, business mentoring is important, and mentors continue to guide learning, to promote the transmission of values ​and knowledge, but they are neither coaches nor masters of thought.



In our approach, neural connections and dynamic contacts within our ecosystem, will be a good opportunity to choose your Mentor.

Once you would have chosen your Mentor, you’ll be able to contact him proactively. In order to build this two-way relationship, you will tell him about yourself, about what you expect from your mentor. You will determine how often you want to meet each-other. You will clearly state your requests to him, while you’ll asks regular questions about his career and his experiences. 

You’ll schedule regular meetings with your mentor. Before each meeting you’ll have the opportunity, if you wish, to create an agenda and send it to him so that he can prepare to discuss the subjects that interest you. You will therefore need to think seriously about the information you expect from your mentor.

You will be able to share your ideas so that it identifies your state of mind. Your mentor will share his analysis with you. It is an important source of information. It will be up to you to deepen guidelines and advice.

The relationship you’ll settle is important. Maintain it. Your mentor’s time is valuable. It is therefore wise to show him your gratitude, both verbally and through your behavior (being punctual, respecting his time constraints, etc.).

Many people’ll inspire you throughout your life and you’ll definitely learn a lot during your personal and professional experiences.

In order to find your mentor, to live great experiences, and to use this relationship as a tool to achieve excellence, we invite you to complete the following form:

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