An HR Manager, an Accounting Department Manager, a Program Director, a Project Director, a Business Director, a Technical Director, a Financial Director, a General Manager, a Doctor and everykind of manager regularly analyze the teams they recruit and manage. In order to accelerate their processes of decision making, AMASYNG has defined its ecosystem as a neural organization.

A neural organization is an additional layer of communication & management. In order to explain what it a neural organization, it allows the manager to distribute roles dynamically. So, he’ll be able to find news ways, to decide quicker and to sharply influence the effectiveness of teams. 

We can compare all the connections set to how neurons find new connections:

Is it relevant to distribute roles within a team, and at what time ?

How you are adding more members ?

What makes you reducing the impact of losing other members ?

Are you giving more responsibility to some members of another team for a specific time ?

All that decisions can be compared to how neurons find new connections.

Consequently, in steering the company’s strategy, everyone plays the role of neuron, gray matter of the company, and synaptic catalyst, thus allowing an even more dynamic production of products and projects, within the company. You understood good , this is a neural organization.

Based on a neural organization, AMASYNG has created its ecosystem in order to develop Human Intelligences & AI, to distribute dynamic decisions to different chapters, including : HR & Headhunting, Mentoring, Coaching and developing Emotional Intelligence, Education & Training, Leadership & Management, Business Development, Optimazing Industrial production lines.

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The AMASYNG team, growing its organization and connections, as fast as neurons connections


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